Human touch, providing unrivaled therapeutic massaging has stood the test of time for centuries as an ultimate mode of muscle recovery. The exterior of the MIVA Recovery bottle is designed to mimic the soft but firm texture of the human hand with a corresponding durometer to emulate the feel of a masseuse, with 4 faces to match each part of the hand


The premiere section of the hand for detailed massaging, human fingers provide a narrow enough width to pinpoint the smallest problem spots in muscles, with elongated surfaces to keep the application of pressure going throughout the roll. As branding composed of letters that can be modeled with the digits of the hand, the MIVA digit face provides a well balanced massage for all parts of the body.


With the most surface area, the lower part of the hands comprising of the palm and inner thumb provide a naturally gentle massage when applied to the body. With wide application areas and smooth angles, the palm face is ideal for users just getting started with massagers, or for more sensitive parts of the body like the head and neck.


Small application points and strong forces allow a masseuse to provide a firm, highly targeted massage using their thumbs. The MIVA Recovery bottle features 2 corresponding sides with rivets designed to match the finger-pad of a thumb, applied in mass to provide a deep tissue massage perfect for larger, tougher areas like the quadriceps and calves.