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Miva Recovery



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25 oz Dusty MIVA Recovery Bottle

  • Double-walled steel reservoir to keep drinks hot or cold for hours
  • Flip straw lid for easy access at home or during a workout
  • Flexible carrying handle for on the go use
  • Rubber exterior with engineered faces for the massage of your choosing
  • Slim 3.4 inch width to fit most treadmill & fitness machine cupholders
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
More than just a water bottle

Just the other day I was caught in a scary situation. I was walking at Valley Forge, my calf was cramping up bad and I couldn’t move. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. But I knew I had a MIVA. Thanks to the soft rubber sleeve with its soothing texture, I was able to roll out my calf and fix my cramp right up. In no time, I was walking again and living my day to the fullest. MIVA recovery is more than just a water bottle. It’s piece of mind that when things get hairy, you know it has your back. Pick yours up today. You’ll be happy you did. I know I was

Marisa Fassnacht

Purchased 4 for my family and they all love them! These bottles are so versatile! They have made our workout recovery easier and that much better. Would recommend to anyone :)

Dorothy A.
The perfect water bottle!

I adore this water bottle. It's a perfect size, really sturdy, and I honestly feel happy every time I use it!

Hannah L
An absolutely G-d send

This water bottle saved my mobility and functionality this weekend. I have been training for an upcoming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition and was put in an awkward and painful position yesterday. I slept in a ton of pain and when I woke up today, I had intense pain through my right side upper back, neck, and shoulder. I couldn’t move my arm or turn my head without pain. When I got to the gym, I immediately got on the floor with this water bottle and began rolling out my sore areas. The mix of every side of this bottle digging and stretching out the tenseness was better than any of the rollers in the gym. The deep tissue side was exactly what the knots in back and shoulder needed, while the larger smoother sides were gentle enough for my neck but firm enough to work out the immobility there. After 10 minutes of rolling out I was able to turn my head and rotate my arm like normal. The pain has almost entirely subsided (at least to a normal amount of soreness for me) and my body feels fully functional again. I am insanely impressed by how quickly this bottle worked and will not be going anywhere without it again. I recommend it to everyone, especially high performance athletes who understand consistent soreness. I would have spent more on massage and chiropractic therapy for just today’s issues than I did on this water bottle. It has helped me in the past with smaller issues, but today it truly showed its full capacity.

Great Product

MIVA is a great product! My water stays super cold and the foam roller feels great! It’s super handy to have both products in one!